Who We Are

This is Us


We are the Pattons. I am a second-generation farmers and artist. This property has been in my family since we moved here in the early eighties. My father grew flowers and created art with them in the same fields we use now for our animals and food, (and now wildflowers!). I never had livestock growing up, which is such a shame because they would have been the perfect addition to our three acres. Jeremy, my husband, has a greener thumb than I ever inherited, so he grows the food while I tend to our beloved animals. Our children get to grow up here like I did, running through the fields chasing bugs and getting dirt under their fingernails. Our little one, pictured here, adores the animals more than all of us, so she will most likely take over the farm one day, just as I did. Thanks for stopping by! Heather Patton

Our Philosophy

We believe in doing things how God intended. Growing things organically with non-GMO heirloom seeds, and feeding our animals organic alfalfa and chicken feed, is how we like to think things should be. We utilize holistic farm practices, including feeding spent veggies to the animals and using their manure in our garden. It takes extra time, but we feel it is completely worth it to reduce our footprint and ensure everything we produce is of the highest quality.