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New coop for my Fancy Pants spoiled chickens

When I first jumped into the addictive world of livestock crack (aka chickens), I did what most new excited poultry owners do: I took a trip to a couple feed stores and picked out one of this, one of that... After my months of research I did, however know there was one breed I HAD to have. Their coveted dark russet eggs made me swoon. Black copper Marans were on the top of my list. Hearing that you couldn't get those gorgeous chocolate eggs from hatchery chicks had me searching everywhere like a black market arms dealer. This person gave me a number for a possible source, who pointed me in the direction of their contacts...eventually I googled a now friend who bred and raised blue and splash Marans in a rural farm city Northeast of San Diego. Those first chickens had me so whipped that I said a tearful goodbye to OG chicken after OG chicken and downsized to completely focus on my new hobby: chicken breeding. After years of perfecting, my girls are laying these beauts. OH YEAH.

So how could I NOT reward them with a coop deserving of their awesomeness? Plus I was bored and this stay at home thing made me pine for a major project.

This room is part of a building that housed the dried flowers my dad processed (and are available on our etsy page wink-wink). We consolidated and rearranged, and cleared it out. Hubby told me the drywall will soak up any moisture like a SPONGE, and with cement floors we will need to power-wash them on occasion. So we cut off the first section of drywall and left the insulation.

I started with old fence boards we saved from our fence rehab project. I power-washed every last square inch. Ew. I either pulled out the old nails and staples, or said screw it (har har) and simply cut off that part with my chop saw (time is money y'all). After the boards were dry I worked on laying out a pattern that I liked, and after two hours hubby pointed out I needed to end on the studs (always the bubble burster that one). So I measured each stud and drew out a design first, then cut the boards according to my plans. Each wall was different so it took FOR-EV-ERRRR. And like a crap-ton of nails. But after a week, and a right hand with Carpal Tunnel, it was complete.

I added trim around the windows and along the top of the drywall. There was rain predicted in the forecast for the next week, so I brought boards inside for some sign projects.

I have wanted a crystal chandelier in my coop for years after seeing a ridiculously cute setup on Pinterest. Does it go with the style of the coop? no. Do I care? Also no. Is it incredibly superfluous to have a fancy shmancy lighting accessory in a place housing animals that literally poop on each other? Probably. But my mother-in-law gave me a Wayfair gift card for Christmas and after scouring their website for months without finding a single thing that I couldn't live without, an epiphany hit me. USE THE MONEY FOR SOMETHING SHINY FOR THE CHICKENS. Obviously.

I added the roosting bars, their Grandpa's Feeder and their Best Nest Box, and some pine shavings. I prefer hemp bedding honestly but this stuff works fine. And the smell of fresh pine with all the fresh herbs I hung was intoxicating. I was not compensated for any of these products. They are just awesome and I want everyone to experience their awesomeness.

The chickens got a bath to start fresh in their new digs, and then got to explore...

I give it three days before there's bird crap on everything.

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