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How did this all Begin?

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I'm sitting here wondering that very question. At some point during the first five years of overwhelming days and stressful nights I cried uncle. We were auto-piloting our boring and normal lives through life-sucking jobs, too much stuff, and kids we wanted to spend more time with.

After yet another nasty fight about late work nights, I proposed a revolutionary, albeit completely insane, plan to spend more time together. One of the many trashy yet useful things my father left behind was a single-wide trailer he allowed a homeless mother of two to place on the back of our property and live in. If we could overturn our entire lives, live in that and rent out our main house, we could survive off my small income at a job only requiring six hour workdays, and Jeremy could quit his. And rationality be damned, my play-it-safe-ALWAYS husband went for it. We worked our DIY-butts off renovating our house and backyard, and sold/donated/recycled like, 75% of our crap. We also dreamed up an amazing road trip to kick it all off and distract us from the sad reality of making our house so pretty for someone else. The road trip was amazing. Here are some highlight pics...

My wonderful lemon-squeezy job turned sour when I got a new boss. She was fresh, eager, and completely unwilling to listen to me. With my ego bruised, and my heart just not in it as much, I began concocting another crazy plan...what IF we could simply move to Idaho?! We LOVED Coeur d'Alene when we visited on our trip, we had family in Idaho, and I could get a similar job up there. So why not? What was stopping us from upending our entire lives, uprooting the kids, and starting all over up there? Why did that not sound crazy to me at the time and it does now that I'm typing it out? WHY CAN I NOT STOP MYSELF FROM MYSELF. Sigh. Ok anyway so we did move, LOVED it (all except the grey skies, sorry CDA but your grey is cray), I loved my job and learned SO much (I was a behavioral interventionist for special needs kids with severe maladaptive tendencies in case you were curious), and ALMOST stayed. But the property called us back. Our tenants moved out, the county wanted us to tear down some old buildings, and we just missed the dang sun.

Fast forward to now, the Covid-19 Pandemic and suddenly I have an unlimited supply of motivation to get the farm up and running. Jeremy was incredibly fortunate to have his years of hard work and expertise recognized and was offered a job in which he can telework. In between conference calls and capital projects, he jumps in and shows me how to correctly do this, fix that...needless to say there's a lot of that going on. I married the perfect counterpart for my inherited head-in-the-clouds but big dreamer brain. Jeremy is a no-nonsense do-it-right-the-first-time type B and I'm a you're-taking-to-friggen-long-just-do-SOMETHING type A. We, like, never argue. Bah! I just had a good chuckle after I wrote that. I digress.

We want this farm, this land, to continue to bless others. It has been wonderful to us and our family, and an incredible place of respite during the current lockdown. I hope to inspire, inform, and possibly entertain? you with projects and things we do here on the farm.

Thanks for listening and joining us on this journey, Heather

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