Dried Flowers and Art

My father, William Rolfe, dedicated his life to cultivating and carefully preserving nature. His artwork, signed W. Rolfe Ltd, has been seen in the Oval Office and in the homes of so many wonderful collectors. 

We hope to continue his legacy and offer both dried flowers for others to appreciate and create with, and art utilizing the beautiful bounty he left behind.

We also will be listing some of his pieces for sale, as we simply can not enjoy all of them...

Please visit our Etsy Shop at the top for current listings, or contact us if you had a custom order in mind or would like to inquire about something you don't see listed. We plan to also attend craft shows in the near future, so please visit us on one of our social media sites for updates.

You cause the grass to grow for livestock and plants for man to cultivate, that he may bring forth food from the earth                         


Psalm 104:14

Wild Oak Organics is  located in North San Diego County, in rural Northern Escondido. We offer fertile Marans hatching eggs and chicks, and create and sell dried flower art.

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