Hens and Roosters


Currently we have select 6 mo old - 1 yr old hens available who we aren't wanting to use in our breeding program. They are pet quality and will make wonderful backyard layers! Some are Marans and others are second-generation Olive Eggers who lay brown. Fed organic non-GMO feed and allowed to free range.


Prices START at $50 each.


We have many "cull" roosters available, aged 6 months-10 months. Fed organic non-GMO feed and free ranged. They are $5 each or (one) free with purchase of a hen.

You cause the grass to grow for livestock and plants for man to cultivate, that he may bring forth food from the earth                         


Psalm 104:14

Wild Oak Organics is  located in North San Diego County, in rural Northern Escondido. We offer fertile Marans hatching eggs and chicks, and create and sell dried flower art.

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